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23 Things They Don't Tell You About Capitalism

02 Sep 2010
Ha-Joon Chang, professor in the faculty of politics and economics, Cambridge University

Kate Pickett

RSA Debates The Spirit Level

22 Jul 2010
With Kate Pickett, Richard Wilkinson, Peter Saunders and Christopher Snowdon.

Louise Casey

Putting the victim at the heart of the criminal justice system

20 Jul 2010
Louise Casey, commissioner for victims and witnesses

RSA/LBC Debate - Stand By - Or Take a Stand?

19 Jul 2010
Ken Livingstone and Nick Ross join a panel to debate why we find it all too easy to ignore anti-social behaviour and simply walk on by.

Ian Bremmer

The End Of The Free Market

15 Jul 2010
Ian Bremmer is a leading economic and political analyst

Ben Rogers

The Woolwich Model: How citizens can tackle anti-social behaviour

13 Jul 2010
With Ben Rogers, Nick Herbert MP, Adrian Hanstock, Jane Atkinson and Matthew Taylor

Tara-Jane Herbert

Destino: A Contemporary Dance Story

12 Jul 2010
With Junaid Jemal Sendi, Alan Davey, Matthew Taylor, Tara-Jane Herbert and Dr Tiffany Jenkins

Renata Salecl

The Paradox of Choice

08 Jul 2010
Renata Salecl, Centennial Professor, department of law, London School of Economics

Amartya Sen

Reducing Global Injustice

07 Jul 2010
Amartya Sen, Nobel prize-winning economist

Deborah Mattinson

Talking to a Brick Wall - Why We Need a New Politics

06 Jul 2010
Deborah Mattinson, leading political pollster

Roger Scruton

The Uses of Pessimism and the Danger of False Hope

05 Jul 2010
Roger Scruton, philosopher and writer

Francis Beckett

What did the baby-boomers ever do for us?

05 Jul 2010
Francis Beckett, journalist and contemporary historian

Al Aynsley Green

Should the Nurture of Children be Everybody's Business?

30 Jun 2010
Professor Sir Al Aynsley-Green, former Children’s Commissioner for England

Stephen Green

Good Value: Building a Better Life in Business

28 Jun 2010
Stephen Green, chairman, HSBC

David Crystal

Texts and Tweets: Myths and realities

24 Jun 2010
David Crystal, leading linguistic expert

Philippe Legrain


17 Jun 2010
Philippe Legrain, economist and visiting Fellow, the LSE European Institute

Matthew Taylor - 2010

21st century enlightenment

17 Jun 2010
Matthew Taylor, chief executive, the RSA

Dr Sally Uren

Consumers: Can they, should they be nudged?

10 Jun 2010
With Sir Martin Sorrell, Dr Andy Wood, Dr Sally Uren and Matthew Taylor

John Keane

Do we still need enlightenment values?

10 Jun 2010
With John Keane, Nigel Warburton, Robert Rowland Smith and Matthew Taylor.

Michael Pollan

Food Rules for Healthy People and Planet

07 Jun 2010
Michael Pollan, award-winning food writer

Alberto Toscano

Fanaticism: On the uses of an idea

03 Jun 2010
Alberto Tosacno, lecturer in sociology, Goldsmiths, University of London

Sir Harold Evans

The Spirit of Innovation

02 Jun 2010
Sir Harold Evans, journalist, author, editor and publisher

Ian Buruma

Religion, Democracy and "Enlightenment Values"

26 May 2010
Ian Buruma, journalist and academic

Muhammad Yunus

Building Social Business

26 May 2010
Muhammad Yunus, founder, Grameen Bank

Spencer Wells

The Unforeseen Cost of Human Civilisation

24 May 2010
Spencer Wells, anthropologist and National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence

Paul Seabright

The Company of Strangers

20 May 2010
Paul Seabright, professor of economics, Toulouse School of Economics

Adam Kahane

Power and Love: A theory and practice of social change

19 May 2010
Adam Kahane, Reos Partners

Caryn Mandabach

The Evolution of Comedy

18 May 2010
With Sam Bain, Jesse Armstrong, Simon Nye and Caryn Mandabach.

Stanley B Greenberg 2010

Appetite for Change? Post-Election Analysis

17 May 2010
Stan Greenberg, leading US pollster and political strategist

Mike Berners-Lee

The Carbon Footprint of Everything

13 May 2010
Mike Berners-Lee, leading expert in greenhouse gas footprinting

Stella Creasy

General Election 2010

13 May 2010
With Anthony Painter, Mark Pack, Stella Creasey, Mark Hanson, Craig Elder, Harry Cole and James Crabtree

Paul Collier

The Plundered Planet

12 May 2010
Paul Collier, director, the Centre for the Study of African Economies, Oxford University

Clive Hamilton

Facing up to Climate Change

12 May 2010
Clive Hamilton, professor of public ethics, Australian National University

Bjorn Lomborg

Tackling Global Warming and Doing Good

05 May 2010
Professor Bjorn Lomborg, political scientist and author

Nabeel Hamdi

The Placemaker's Guide to Building Community

05 May 2010
Nabeel Hamdi, professor emeritus, Housing and Urban Development, Oxford Brookes University

David Harvey

The Crises of Capitalism

26 Apr 2010
David Harvey, professor, Graduate Center, City University of New York

Danny Dorling

Why Social Inequality Persists

22 Apr 2010
Danny Dorling, professor of Human Geography, University of Sheffield

Pascal Bruckner

The Tyranny of Guilt

19 Apr 2010
Pascal Bruckner, award-winning author

Heather Brooke

Secrets, Surveillance and the State of British Democracy

15 Apr 2010
Heather Brooke, award-winning campaigner and journalist

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