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Nassim Nicholas Taleb


06 Dec 2012
Nassim Nicholas Taleb is the bestselling author of 'The Black Swan' and one of the most radical and iconoclastic thinkers of our time

Andrew Park

The RSA Animate Revolution

03 Dec 2012
Andrew Park is an illustrator and founder of Cognitive Media, Richard Wiseman is professor of the public understanding of psychology.

Watch Daniel Tammet's talk at the RSA

How Maths Illuminates Our Lives

27 Nov 2012
Daniel Tammet is an acclaimed author and one of the world’s most extraordinary minds

Andrew Adonis

Tackling Reform, Transforming Lives

27 Nov 2012
With Brett Wigdortz, Lord Adonis and Dr Jane Keeley

HIlary Rose

Hilary and Steven Rose

22 Nov 2012
Steven Rose is a neuroscientist and Hilary Rose is a sociologist

Thomas Pogge at the RSA

Ending Poverty

20 Nov 2012
Thomas Pogge is one of the world’s most influential and challenging political philosophers

Mark Fisher

RDI Address: Armies of Pleasure

14 Nov 2012
Mark Fisher OBE is an architect and production designer

Watch Jeremy Heimans talk at the RSA

How to Build a Mass Movement Now

13 Nov 2012
Jeremy Heimans is CEO of and David Miliband MP is founder Movement for Change

Ben Lucas

Fiscal Fallout

12 Nov 2012
With Lord Michael Bichard, Ian Mulheirn, Ben Lucas and Jenni Russell

Watch Stephen Trombley's talk at the RSA

The Fate of Reason in an Age of Belief

08 Nov 2012
Stephen Trombley is a writer, film-maker and author.

Nathan Gardels

How to Govern Intelligently in the 21st Century

08 Nov 2012
Nicolas Berggruen is president and chairman of the Nicolas Berggruen Institute and Nathan Gardels is editor of New Perspectives Quarterly.

Peter Tatchell

Does Africa Need our Outrage?

07 Nov 2012
With Graeme Wood, Peter Tatchell, Dorcas Erskine and Brigid Hains

Watch Khoi Tu's talk at the RSA

The Secrets of SuperTeams

01 Nov 2012
Khoi Tu is a renowned teamwork specialist

Candace Allen

The Race to the White House: US election panel 2012

25 Oct 2012
With Colleen Graffy, Jonathan Rowson, Ian Leslie, Sarah Churchwell, Candace Allen

Kate Raworth

Doughnut Economics

18 Oct 2012
Kate Raworth is a senior researcher at Oxfam and former co-author of the UN's annual Human Development Report

Hanna Rosin

The End of Men: And the rise of women

16 Oct 2012
Hanna Rosin is senior editor at the Atlantic Magazine

Tamar Kasriel at the RSA

How to Deal with the Future: Using business insights to plan your life

09 Oct 2012
Tamar Kasriel is founder of the strategy consultancy Futureal

Carl Honore

The Slow Revolution

04 Oct 2012
With Carl Honoré, Gervais Williams, Deepa Patel, Kate Fletcher and Ed Gillespie

Adam Kahane

How to Change the Future

02 Oct 2012
Adam Kahane is a partner in Reos Partners

Watch our panel discussion on innovation in business

Transformative Innovation

02 Oct 2012
With Scott Edington, Atul Dighe, Richard Palmer, Matthew Taylor, Kevin Yapp

Watch Peter Marsh talk at the RSA

The New Industrial Revolution

27 Sep 2012
Peter Marsh is manufacturing editor for the Financial Times

Watch David Priestland at the RSA

A New History of Power

20 Sep 2012
David Priestland is an author and historian

Marco Tempest

Inventing the Impossible

13 Sep 2012
Marco Tempest is an award-winning cyber magician and technoillusionist

Watch our debate on Progressivism

Prospects for a New Progressivism

13 Sep 2012
With Tristram Hunt MP, Jesse Norman MP, Miranda Green and Matthew Taylor

Watch Matthew Taylor's Annual Lecture

The Power to Act: A new angle on our toughest problems

12 Sep 2012
Matthew Taylor is chief executive of the RSA

Martha Lane Fox

The Millennials debate

11 Sep 2012
With Martha Lane Fox, Madsen Pirie, Ed Howker, Adam Lent and Matthew Taylor

Watch the video of Richard Florida's speech at the RSA

Why Creativity is the New Economy

10 Sep 2012
Richard Florida is director at the Martin Prosperity Institute and professor of business and creativity at the University of Toronto and NYU

Watch Gavin Esler talk at the RSA

Lessons from the Top

06 Sep 2012
Gavin Esler is an award-winning television and radio presenter.

Watch our debate with the Library of Birmingham on cultural regeneration

Panel discussion: Rewriting the Book?

05 Sep 2012
With Mark Easton, Munira Mirza, Brian Gambles, Loretta Lees and Anna Minton

Watch our debate on ageing

The Long Run: Life is a marathon

12 Jul 2012
With Professor Frances Corner, Simon Mason, Professor Thomas Kirkwood CBE, Ian Deary and Sarah Harper

Watch Paul Ormerod talk about the importance of networks at the RSA

Positive Linking

12 Jul 2012
Paul Ormerod is an economist and author

Watch Daniel Siegel's talk at the RSA

The Emerging Mind

11 Jul 2012
Daniel Siegel is a bestselling author and the clinical professor of psychiatry at UCLA.

Watch Dan Ariely talk about honesty

Free Beer: The truth about dishonesty

10 Jul 2012
Dan Ariely is professor of psychology & behavioural economics at Duke University and a bestselling author

Watch our panel debate on Education Matters with Teach First

Is Education the Answer to Social Mobility?

10 Jul 2012
With Stephen Twigg MP, Jo Shuter, Anna Vignoles, Matthew Taylor

Watch our video with Dylan Evans

Risk Intelligence: How to live with uncertainty

05 Jul 2012
Dylan Evans is founder of Projection Point, a global leader in risk intelligence solutions.

Watch Ben Hammersley's talk at the RSA

How to Face the Digital Future Without Fear

05 Jul 2012
Ben Hammersley is a technologist, author and broadcaster.

Watch Frank Partnoy's talk at the RSA

Wait: The useful art of procrastination

03 Jul 2012
Frank Partnoy is an ex Wall Street high-flying derivative trader and self-confessed procrastinator

Watch Donna Dickenson's talk at the RSA

Are Genes Us?

28 Jun 2012
Donna Dickenson is emeritus professor of medical ethics and humanities, Birkbeck College

Watch Robert and Edward Skidelsky talk at the RSA

How Much Is Enough?

21 Jun 2012
Lord Skidelsky is Emeritus professor of political economy at the University of Warwick; Dr Edward Skidelsky is lecturer in philosophy at Exeter University.

Watch Sebastian Seung's talk at the RSA


14 Jun 2012
Dr. Sebastian Seung is professor of computational neuroscience in the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences and the Department of Physics, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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