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In Your Network:Elizabeth McClelland

Elizabeth McClelland FRSA has developed a radically new way of helping school children aged 7-12 improve their learning capacity. She is looking for support from Fellows to extend her not-for-profit work as well as help to run a crowdfunding campaign.

In Your Network: Greta Rossi FRSA

Greta Rossi FRSA co-founded the Akasa Innovation to help young people flourish. She wants to connect with Fellows about her new campaign, (50) Days of Summer and create a course in sustainability leadership for young people.

RSA Academies Board are looking for Trustees

We are currently looking to strengthen the RSA Academies Board by appointing new Trustees and co-optees to the Board. We are especially keen to hear from those with business, fundraising and employability expertise.

RSA Spaces - can you help?

RSA Engage events are run by the Regional team and are an excellent opportunities to find out about Fellows' activity making an impact on the local area. We are looking for venues around the country who might be prepared to host Engage events.

In Your Network: Ruth Jindal FRSA

Ruth Jindal has been the Fellowship Councillor for the East Midlands for the last three years. She talks here of her time involved with the council and what inspires her in life and in her work.

In your Network: Eidi Cruz-Valdivieso FRSA

Eidi Cruz-Valdivieso FRSA runs Global Citizen, a programme helping incentivise the world's best social entrepreneurs. She is also the RSA Connector for Mexico. Eidi wants to enable the passions of those that seek to develop real solutions to humanity’s most pressing issues.

City Growth Commission in George Osborne's speech

The RSA's City Growth Commission continues to have an influence. George Osborne, the UK's Chancellor of the Exchequer, mentioned the commission in his speech last week saying the UK “needs to bring the cities of the north together as a team – that’s how Britain will beat the rest.”

In Your Network: Julie Dawson FRSA

Julie Dawson started Surf and Turf Camps in order to educate young people about technology and maths through the use of play. She was awarded a RSA Catalyst grant to run a pilot camp.

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