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Connecting the Fellowship: Laura Drane

"I’m passionate about the work I produce and the difference it can make, and its value to both people and place. Seeing someone have a lightbulb moment because of an interaction with an artist, or through a cultural experience, is why I keep doing it." Read more about Laura Drane's newest creative production

The RSA strategic review - the Power to Create

We are launching a strategic review, in order to deepen its impact across its three areas of work: education and creativity; public services and communities; and design, enterprise and manufacturing. Our Trustees are leading this discussion with support from staff, and we now planning how Fellows can help shape the organisation's future direction.

Building bridges to recovery in West Kent

Last month, the RSA helped review the first two years of a pioneering partnership to help people in recovery from substance misuse problems. Find out what we’ve learned so far, and our plans to bring the service out into the wider community.

Why Lynn Whitaker FRSA nominated a Centenary Young Fellow

Lynn Whitaker FRSA is a lecturer in cultural studies at the University of Glasgow. Discover why she nominated someone to take part in the newly launched Centenary Young Fellows scheme.

Connecting the Fellowship: Phyllis Martin

Phyllis Martin FRSA organises events using the circus to inspire young people. She is looking for crowdfunding support to help train a team of trainers so they can pass on their skills to the community.

Back to the future with RSA Premiums

Valuing Your Talent is a £10,000 public prize fund launched this month which renews the RSA’s historic association with open innovation. The new premium addresses the need for businesses to find a new way to recognise the value of talent. We are offering £10,000 in rewards for the development of a practical tool businesses could use.

In Your Network - Owen Cook FRSA

Owen Cook helps young people change things for the better in communities and organisations across the country. He tells us about his work and new campaign, and explains why happiness isn’t everything.

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