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In Your Network: Joss Langford FRSA

Joss Langford FRSA is based in the South East Region where he runs his organisation 'Coelition': a not-for-profit which works to promote a global standard for the measurement and recording of human behaviour. Find out more about Joss and how to connect with him.

Lizzie Murray FRSA

Lizzie Murray's project 'Fair Surf' is designed to connect individuals across the world with coastal communities through daily purchases from business which support them. Read more about Lizzie's project and find out how to connect with the team.

In Your Network: Florence Wilkinson FRSA

Florence Wilkinson is the creator of the new social enterprise 'Warblr', an audio recognition app for birdsong. Read about Florence's work and find out how to support her project.

In Your Network: Will Adams FRSA

Will Adams is Chair of Governors at Ipsley CE RSA Academy in Redditch, Worcestershire. The school became an RSA Academy in January 2013, and Will was one of a number of RSA Fellows appointed to the school’s governing body.

In your Network: Leslie Alfin FRSA

Leslie Alfin FRSA, is the founder of Practivate, an organisation dedicated to supporting young adults at risk in the community. Read about about her work and find out how you can connect with Leslie.

Update: Strategic Review

Read about the recent developments within the RSA’s strategic review.

Report: Artisan 21

This project highlights the main shifts in craft industry, points out the key trends for the next several years and proposes business strategies for the craft-makers, who want to keep abreast with the changing times.

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