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Update: Strategic Review

Read about the recent developments within the RSA’s strategic review.

Report: Artisan 21

This project highlights the main shifts in craft industry, points out the key trends for the next several years and proposes business strategies for the craft-makers, who want to keep abreast with the changing times.

In Your Network: Andrea Jones FRSA

Andrea is an international garden photographer and Scotland-based Fellow and has been with the RSA for over 15 years.

Tech Update: New RSA Website

The RSA will be launching a new website in January 2015 which will enable Fellows to better connect with each other. Find out more here.

In your network: Jo Taylor FRSA

Jo Taylor is co-founder of Wall Display, a free platform designed to help teachers share the inspirational work and resources produced by their students with the world. Jo is looking for educators who would be interested in contributing to and using the platform, so that their student’s work can be broadcast to a broader audience; and other Fellows who might be interested in helping to develop this resource.

Centenary Young Fellows Launch: Projects Pitched

On Wednesday 24 September, The RSA welcomed over 100 new Fellows as part of the new Centenary Young Fellows scheme. Read about the projects pitched during the evening and find out how to get involved.

In your network: Roger Thompson FRSA

Roger Thompson is the first and only foreign national to have taught civics in a South Korean university. He specialises in the philosophy of President John F Kennedy, and is passionate about the role that civic education should play in the world today. As an RSA Connector he is keen to connect with other Fellows around the globe.

Meet the Candidates 2014

An opportunity to vote for At Large and Trustee positions and for regions where Chair and Councillor positions have been contested, to meet your local candidates in an informal environment, to find out more about their priorities for the region.

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