Terms and conditions

Corporate and commercial events at the RSA


The RSA House facilities are operated by RSA Adelphi Enterprises Ltd, hereinafter referred to as the ‘RSA’. The ‘client’ means the organisation/individual in whose name the booking is made. The client shall be jointly and severally liable for payment of the event. The ‘contract’ means the agreement between the RSA and client for a specific booking or series of bookings. These Terms and Conditions will form part of the contract, together with any other terms stated in the contract documentation.

Confirmation and final numbers

  • All bookings are considered as provisional until the client confirms the booking in writing. From this point the room hire element of the booking is confirmed and is subject to the terms and conditions as outlined here. Once confirmation has been received in writing a contract will be issued which outlines all the requirements for the event and should be checked carefully before signing. Once signed, all such provisions reserved on your behalf will be subject to the terms and conditions of the contract.
  • The contract must be returned by the client within 7 days of the date of issue. Failure to sign and return the contract within the specified period may result in the cancellation of the booking and the facilities being re-let.
  • The estimated number of guests and catering requirements must be advised to the RSA at the time of the written confirmation. This number will be identified on the contract. Any amendment to this number must be notified to the RSA in writing not less than 7 working days prior to the event. The amount payable by the client shall be calculated on this final number, or the number actually attending, whichever is the greater. Please note the ‘Amendments by the Client’ below.


Deposits, payment and credit

  • The RSA reserves the right to require the payment of all or part of the anticipated cost of the event at any time prior to the date of the function, the amount of which will be determined by the RSA and be referred to as the deposit. Should the client fail to pay such a deposit, the RSA may treat the booking as having been cancelled by the client.
  • For clients based in England or Wales a deposit based on 100% of the anticipated room hire charge will be invoiced to the client upon confirmation.
  • If the client is not in England or Wales a deposit based on 100% of the anticipated room hire charge and 100% of the anticipated food and beverage spend will be invoiced to the client upon confirmation.
  • Payment is due for credit accounts 30 working days after the invoice is issued. However if the event is short notice and confirmed after the 30 working day time frame payment via credit card is required with immediate effect.
  • Payment must be made in pounds sterling (UK £).

Cancellations by the client   

In the unfortunate circumstances that you have to cancel or postpone your confirmed booking at any time prior to the event, the following scale of cancellation charges will apply:

  • Less than 7 days prior to Function  - 100% of the pre-booked total
  • Between 8-30 days prior to Function - 80% of the pre-booked total 
  • Between 31-60 days prior to Function - 60% of the pre-booked total
  • Between 61-100 days prior to Function - 40% of the pre-booked total
  • Between 180 – 101 days prior to Function - 20% of the pre-booked total 

Notification of cancellation should be made verbally and in writing to the Hospitality office.

Amendments or cancellations by the RSA

Should the RSA, for reasons beyond its control, need to make any amendments to your booking, we reserve the right to offer an alternative choice of facilities. The RSA will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from such amendments. The RSA may cancel the booking: 

  • If the client fails to make payment of the deposit determined for the event.
  • If the booking might, in its opinion, prejudice the reputation of the RSA.
  • If the client is more than 30 days in arrears of previous payments.
  • If the RSA becomes aware of any altaration n the client's financial situation.

RSA all day events - minimum catering spend and numbers

  • If you book an all day meeting at the RSA please be aware we have a minimum catering spend policy.
  • The RSA House has a highly trained catering team that offer sustainable locally sourced and fresh food of the highest standard.

Approved suppliers, performing rights and statutory regulations

The RSA operates an approved supplier list from which clients must select. Any wish to contract a supplier who does not appear on the approved list must be put in writing to the Sales and Marketing Manager. Suppliers should not be contracted without the approval of the RSA. The RSA reserves the right to approve any externally arranged entertainment, services or activities arranged by the client and cannot accept responsibility for any resultant cost. The RSA must comply with certain licensing and statutory regulations and requires the client to fulfil their obligations in this respect.


The RSA will pay up to 8% commission on room hire only net of VAT - this commission can only be claimed by 2nd party booking agents. This commission cannot be claimed on cancelled event charges/room hire cancellation charges.


VAT at the prevailing rate is chargeable on all services and facilities including room hire, Catering and sundry services.

Insurance and liability

  • You may chose to take out independent insurance for your event.
  • The costs of repairing any damage caused to the property, or its contents by the client, its associates or guests, must be reimbursed to the RSA by the client.
  • The RSA will not be liable for any failure to provide facilities, services, food or beverage as a result of matters beyond its control.

Times of hire

Events are required to finish at the times agreed in the contract. Extensions to these times, should they be possible, will incur additional charges.

Cloaks and personal property

The RSA does not accept responsibility for the property of the client and guests. Any items deposited in the Cloakroom are done so at the owner's risk and without any obligation on the part of the RSA.

Equipment storage

The RSA has limited storage available for client use. This may only be used by prior agreement. The RSA does not accept liability for the loss of or damage to any items stored.

Externally purchased food and beverages

Other than that supplied by the RSA items of food, wines, spirits or other beverages are not permitted to be brought onto the premises for consumption.

Affixing of signage

No signs or other items may be placed on or affixed to any part of the RSA's premises without prior consent. Directional signposts are provided within the house and should be used for displaying all signage. You are required to obtain prior written approval if you wish to affix items to the walls, floors or ceilings of the rooms you are hiring.


The RSA House logo may be used in publicity once a proof of the promotional material has been agreed with the RSA.

Use of the RSA name and logo

The RSA House logo may be used in publicity once a proof of the promotional material has been agreed with the RSA.

Health & safety and disabled access

  • We are concerned for your health and safety and that of our premises. Please respect any requests by the Duty Manager to comply with safety issues.
  • Instructions concerning fire evacuation routes are supplied in all rooms.
  • All public rooms are accessible by wheelchair.
  • Facilities for the disabled including ramps, hearing loops and dedicated wheelchair spaces are provided.
  • A guide to the house is available from the Hospitality Office.


Behaviour by guests

Should any of your guests be unable to correct any aspect of poor behaviour the RSA reserves the right to terminate your event. Should this occur no monies will be refunded.

The Manager's decision is final.