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Our approach - the power to create

The power to create is the ability to turn your ideas and aspirations into reality.

The rapid pace of change in society, politics and technology means that many more people around the world now have the desire, the tools and the resources to turn their ideas and aspirations into reality.

Our Power to Create approach aims to ensure that this creative power can be exercised by everyone, not just the few. Through our Fellowship, research, practical innovation and campaigning, we are working to release the creativity of as many people as possible, in order to address the many challenges that we currently face - from low educational attainment, to social isolation, unemployment, and climate change.

We believe that the innovation that flows from this approach can establish a 21st enlightenment, ensuring that ever more creative people are equipped for the creative times we live in.

Watch Matthew Taylor on unleashing the power to create

What we do

What we do

The RSA has been at the forefront of social change for over 260 years.

Today our work focuses on supporting innovation in three major areas; creative learning and development, public services and communites and economy enterprise and manufacturing. 

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How we work

We seek out enlightened thinking and put it to work in practical ways

Engaging a diverse network

We nurture and engage a network of Fellows, employees and partners that is proactive, intellectually curious, entrepreneurial and diverse

Tapping into many skills

The breadth of our interests, networks and methods give access to a wide spectrum of skills including horizon scanning, generating debate, primary and secondary research, civic engagement, practical innovation and enterprise development

Identifying great ideas

The global reach of the RSA, our independence and our broad and multidisciplinary networks means we can identify emerging new challenges and spot and curate powerful new ideas

Testing and growing

Our mission is not merely to commentate or to recommend to others but to develop and wherever possible rigorously test practical, scalable, solutions.

Promoting and sharing

Through its unique networks the RSA seeks to make its ideas and innovations available as inspiration, opportunity, and resource to all.

Our Values

Our ability to fulfil our purpose is dependent on how we work and the culture we create

Independent and creative

We value the quality and rigour of ideas, not where they come from or allegiance to any ideology. We take imaginative new approaches to solving problems and believe in the power of design and creativity to effect change

Practical and resourceful

We try things out and are prepared to fail in the pursuit of what works, learning from everything that we do. We make intelligent use of our resources by building on what works already, trusting people - especially our employees and Fellows - and treating them as assets.

Consistent and demanding

All our work is aligned with our social purpose, and we do not take on work that conflicts with our mission or values. We aspire to global excellence in all our work and make products and services we want to use and promote ourselves

Respectful and philanthropic

We value other people's work and wisdom, treat them with respect and do not attack or steal the work of others. We judge ourselves by the contribution we make to society not by the benefits we gain as an organisation