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Fellowship Council

Fellowship Councillors are at the heart of the RSA and play a key role in ensuring that the Fellowship’s voice is heard. They provide a vital link between and support to staff and our unique global network of changemakers. 

The purpose of the Fellowship Council is three-fold, to: 

  • Lead activity for Fellows, making connections between them, forming networks and being a key conduit to the work that the RSA is undertaking,
  • Consult on and support our projects and pathways,
  • Represent Fellows acting as the key consultation forum for the strategy and ideas developed by Trustees and staff.

There are two types of Fellowship Councillors: Area or Pathway Councillors (formerly Programme Councillors).

Area Councillors will work closely with Area Managers to collaboratively build local activity, support the activities and understand the views of Fellows in their local area, and feed this knowledge back to the organisation through the Chair of the Fellowship Council.

Pathway Councillors work closely with RSA staff to develop Fellowship engagement opportunities in RSA work, support and understand the activities of Fellows in their specialist area, and feed this knowledge back to the organisation as appropriate.

To find out more, read the Fellowship Council Terms of Reference.

Being part of the Fellowship Council gives you a sense of working together for a better tomorrow. That is invaluable to find & will be something to cherish for years to come.

London Fellowship Councillor 2018-2020 Bhavani Esapathi FRSA

Fellowship Council Representatives

Chair: Neil Beagrie

Deputy Chair: Damian Joseph Bridgeman

Nominations & Governance Panel: Neil BeagrieLira Luis and Ann Packard

Trustee Board: Eva Pascoe


Current Pathway Councillors

Companies for Change: Nicola Millson

Early Years for Change: Shelagh Lee

Entrepreneurs for Change: Gill Wildman

Places for Change: Jay Amin

Pupils for Change: Seth Bolderow

Students for Change: Elena Papadaki

Systems for Change: Benedikt Signer

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