Eve Watson

Eve is Head of Archive.

Eve joined in October 2011 as an interim archivist. She has an MA in Archival studies and in May 2012 was appointed Head of Archive, a lone archivist role. A full-time assistant archivist was appointed in 2019 and the archive now works with a team of both internal and external volunteers.

As a professional archivist Eve has worked across most archive sectors from moving images at the BFI National Archive, is a silent and nitrate film specialist, worked at the Amsterdam EYE Filmmuseum and their archive in Overveen, Holland, television news at ITN Source video archive, BP corporate archive, and prior to RSA setting up the archive and catalogue for Living Archive a community, oral history and performance archive.

Eve is responsible for the day-to-day management and archival practices of the RSA archive, answering research and general enquiries, arranging and facilitating RSA House and archive tours. She works in collaboration with ‘Facilities’ managing two temperature-controlled archive strongrooms, involving archival storage and conservation of existing physical artefacts and records. Collecting, collating, appraising and accessioning current physical and digital records for future acquisition into the archive and inclusion into the archive’s online catalogue and digital repository.

Outside of work, Eve’s passions are cinema, art, music, football, and family, although not necessarily in that order.

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+44 020 7451 6885

Eve Watson