Richard Hale - RSA

Richard Hale

Richard is the Internal Communications Manager.

Richard joined the RSA at the beginning of February 2022 as Internal Communications Manager. He is working to refine and refresh our internal communications channels so that they clearly and consistently supply the messages that matter most to our people – whether these relate to information, inspiration and of course, celebration of collective and individual successes too.

As a specialist in communications, engagement and business transformation, Richard has worked in organisations ranging from global telecommunication companies to small operations competing at the cutting edge of renewable energy technology. Each has offered its own unique challenges, aspirations and personalities, and each has always offered him something new to learn.

Away from work, Richard enjoys the countryside where he lives, spends far too much time suffering through football matches at the bottom end of the Football League and not nearly enough time watching the films and plays which he keeps insisting that sooner or later, he must get to see.