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Chris Padden

Chris Padden is the Treasurer of RSA US.

Chris Padden is the Vice Chair of Whole Education, a partnership of organizations committed to redefining the education system. Whole Education facilitates collaboration between innovative schools; exposes educators to world-class thinking and approaches; and supports effective professional learning, moving beyond merely delivering the curriculum to building a stronger foundation for learning – a ‘whole education’.

He was the CEO of the Assessment Foundation, one of the UK’s leading non-profit organizations supporting educational improvement, for 11 years. The Assessment Foundation develops programs and technology to harness what learners know, understand and can do to accelerate learning. Under Chris's leadership, it was commissioned by UK government to develop and implement the "baseline" assessment used to measure learner progress.

Chris is the author of "Progression through Skills", "Progression beyond Levels" and the "Assessment Effectiveness Framework" and a speaker at conferences including The Guardian's "Innovation in Education" conference and the INCERTS leadership conference.

Chris Padden


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