RDI nomination process

The faculty of Royal Designers for Industry is no longer accepting nominations.

Nominations for 2024 will open next year.

Selection Criteria for an RSA Royal Designer for Industry

a) An RSA Royal Designer for Industry is an individual who can demonstrate the highest quality of design and measurable impact.

b) Highest quality design is demonstrated by the following:

  • Sustained Excellence
  • Design quality
  • Ingenuity and creativity in solutions
  • Sensitivity and empathy to users and the context of use
  • Positive social change

c) Measurable impact is demonstrated by but not limited to:

  • Public awareness and acclaim
  • Significant impact on public culture and heritage
  • Improvement of quality of life
  • Advancement in understanding
  • Innovation
  • Commercial intelligence

The full list of the current RDIs is here  - we are committed to enriching the faculty with a diverse range of designers and disciplines.

If after considering the criteria and the process you would like to proceed with a nomination, please submit a completed nomination form to Tom Lloyd RDI, Master of the Faculty at [email protected].

Please download and save the form on your own computer.