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Student Design Awards 2016-17

‘Moving Pictures’ Award

The RSA Student Design Awards challenges emerging designers to tackle pressing social, environmental and economic issues through design thinking.

The objective of this annually run global competition for students and recent graduates is to empower a generation of savvy, employable designers who understand the potential of design to benefit society.

We do this by running a competition that challenges students and recent graduates to think differently about design, through tackling project briefs focused on real-world problems. We work closely with industry partners to develop the briefs, we help colleges and universities embed them in their curricula, and we support participants through workshops and mentoring. Winners are rewarded with cash prizes, paid industry placements and complementary RSA Fellowship to kick-start their careers.

‘Moving Pictures’ 2016/17 Student Design Award brief

The NHS’ Five Year Forward View takes this on as a central component of its plan for England's health system, which says in order to better realise the ‘renewable energy of communities’ we must harness the power of social movements in order to rapidly improve health outcomes.

This brief has been sponsored as part of the Health as a social movement programme, in order to help develop a ‘community of practice’ that will embed new approaches to the way we view the delivery of health and care in the future.

Students from across the world will be giving the opportunity to bring to life through animated a 1 minutes clip.

This brief is designed to inspire innovators and designed to challenge current thinking around how to mobiles people and their communities to improve their health.

For more information about the brief or if you are thinking about submitting, please go see the RSA Student Design Awards webpages

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