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Heritage and Inclusive Growth

How can heritage improve lives in local places?

From creating jobs to encouraging participation, heritage has huge potential to help communities.

The RSA’s work on Heritage and Inclusive Growth is about how to make sure that economic growth driven by heritage is sustainable, with benefits for everyone in the local community, not just a few.

Read the report: Heritage for Inclusive Growth

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Our work on Heritage and Inclusive Growth is supported by the British Council and the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

What is inclusive growth?

Inclusive growth is economic growth with benefits for everyone in the local community.

At the RSA, we use 5 different criteria to decide if growth is inclusive:

  • Livelihoods: Does this produce high quality jobs? Does it improve living standards? Does it help all local people, including marginalized groups, access work and skills development?
  • Wealth: Does this broaden ownership? Does the value generated stay in the local area, close to local people, and not ‘leak out’?
  • Voice: Does this give people a bigger say in decision-making processes?
  • Futures: Is this environmentally sustainable? Does it protect our assets for future generations? Will it be able to respond to local change, e.g. ageing populations?
  • Esteem: Does this help restore esteem and local pride in places that have been excluded? Does it recognise the value of these places? Does it help build identities?

For more on the RSA’s approach to Inclusive Growth, see our report on Inclusive Growth in Action.