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A little sunshine in December


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As it grows ever colder and darker outside, it’s nice to be reminded that once – it seems like a lifetime ago – London was bathed in sunshine. So I was pleased to come across these photographs, which were taken by young people working with Kings Cross-based charity Global Generation, led by RSA Fellow Jane Riddiford.

Photo by Nene Jayne Camara

Photo by Nene Jayne Camara

Jane and her team work with young people in and around Kings Cross, London, creating opportunities for them to be creative, enterprising and environmentally conscious. Over the summer, two photographers worked with some of the young people involved in the programme to develop their skills through documenting the organisation’s work – from beekeeping to woodwork – on camera. Here’s how they described the experience:

“The young artists progressively took creative lead in all aspects of the photographic and documentary process. From the point of exposure to editing and exhibiting, Generators were challenged to reflect on why their images were compelling, potentially enterprising and representative of the Global Generation ethos and program themes.

It is our hope that through the lenses of these young photographers and their reflective writings, visitors to the exhibit can expand perceptions of often-overlooked details that connect all of us.”

Photo by Yakub Talan

Photo by Yakub Talan

You can read more about the project (and see some more photographs) on the Global Generation website.

If this inspires you to pick up your camera (and why wouldn't it?) have a look at the RSA Flickr group for inspiration. We're always glad to see people submitting photos that reflect interesting things they're doing through the RSA – even they do reflect the gloomier weather.

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