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A Cocktail of Creativity: Our new FRSA artists' network

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Art plays a huge part in all our lives, whether or not we are aware of it. Art is in film, in writing, in the buildings around us, and even in digital marketing. Art enables us to glimpse the world as it is seen through someone else’s eyes. It broadens our minds and affects the way we approach new situations and new people.

Art can range from a pleasing image on your wall, to a medium through which mentally disabled children can communicate their thoughts; aiding their development both personally and socially. When applied in the right way, art can be a strong catalyst for social change.

Last night was the launch of the RSA London Fellows’ artists network event, which opened with a sneak preview of a documentary film series ‘What’s on your Walls’, exploring people’s personal relationship with art. One of the great things about art (whichever practice it may be) is that it is subjective, and as a result, it gets people talking! And that exactly what happened. There were debates, excited conversations and, I hope, valuable connections made.

RSA Fellowship network events often attract Fellows and non-Fellows from different backgrounds, but only an ‘arts’ event could bring together such a diverse group of people. We had musicians, writers, teachers, film producers and many many more, each with their own passions and opinions on the purpose of creativity in society.

Our network events are our way of engaging Fellows and giving them the opportunity to meet other like-minded Fellows. From here, they have the option to collaborate and communicate amongst the group, or simply sit back and enjoy the conversation.

 A success story from such Fellow-led networks is the Forest of Imagination; a Catalyst award winning project in the form of a four-day cutting-edge, multi-disciplinary contemporary arts pop-up event in Bath. This project arose from the need addressed by a small group of Fellows for a permanent creative arts space in Bath. Together, they dreamt up and produced a fantastic series of inclusive workshops and performances aimed at children, their families and the students of Bath.

Such success always starts with a conversation. The Artists’ network should hopefully encourage just that and I’m excited to see what may come from this new enthusiastic group of Fellows.

If you’d like to get involved with the network, please contact the network lead, Ann Kristin at You can also find out more about the ‘What’s on Your Walls’ project by visiting the website:

To quote Jo Hunter (64 Million Artists) “creativity… allows us to express who we are, and share our passion and flair with those around us”.


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