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When you’ve worked closely with over 4000 volunteers across the UK, and seen firsthand the drive, passion, love and dedication each of them puts in to help people who they’ve never met, simply because they feel they have a duty to alleviate some of the pain and suffering of others, it’s very hard to walk away and do something that doesn’t involve giving back.

I set up We Are Nudge Events & Conferences Ltd in July 2014. Five years experience in volunteer and events management for the charity sector ended up pushing me in the direction to set up the social enterprise which challenged social issues and taboo’s through creative events in order to create positive social impact.

Established less than a year ago, the social enterprise was the perfect combination, meeting the best of both worlds; it fed my love for event management, whilst challenging current issues to help others.

Since July, We Are Nudge has already delivered one national conference on Female Genital Mutilation in Nottingham called “The Cut” and has launched a second conference - #StomachThis.

Six weeks after being elected with another five years in power, the pressure is on at the House of Commons for the Conservatives to tackle poverty and hunger in the UK.

  • Exploring suitable collaborations between private and public sector through effective corporate and statutory social responsibility
  • Identifying gaps, challenges and barriers, taking into account existing structures & creating workable solutions through policies, procedures and information sharing
  • Emphasising a sustainable government led approach, as the gap between the rich and the poor is predicted to widen through forecasted cuts and rising costs of living

We are in the world’s seventh richest country, yet increasingly many people in the UK find it difficult to afford everyday essentials. There are cases of people living in deep poverty, surviving on £6 a week eating only one meal a day, drinking hot lemon water to tame hunger pangs and choosing between heating or eating. Yes, you are in the world’s seventh richest country.

Led by We Are Nudge, #StomachThis is a platform created in the heart of where key decisions are made - the House of Commons. With over 15 high profile speakers, four interactive workshops, talks, debates, discussions, networking and partnership opportunities, the conference is scheduled to take place on Thursday 18 June 2015.

Calling for a government led approach, We Are Nudge aims for strategic action, commitments, policies and legislation to combat growing inequality, with the support of delegates and influential speakers.

Delegates will be part of a select few influencing change at national and regional level. Engaging with expert speakers from various industry backgrounds and leading organisations, such as Head of Policy & Affairs from The Childrens Society, Dr Sam Royston; Senior Policy & Research Officer from CPAG, Moussa Haddad; CEO of Magic Breakfast, Carmel McConnell; CEO of Fareshare, Lindsay Boswell; Head of UK Programmes from Oxfam, Rachael Orr; CEO of Trussell Trust, David McAuley; Director of Policy & Research from the Centre for Economics & Social Inclusion, Tony Wilson, to name but a few.

As well as instigating many other discussions and debates, #StomachThis, will zoom in on the following areas:

  • Responsibility, ownership & accountability

  • Effects of forthcoming cuts and welfare reforms

  • Strain of poverty on the NHS

  • The role of food aid provisions & the importance of healthy food choice

  • Growing concerns of a low wage economy

  • Identifying sector to sector collaboration opportunities

  • The changing roles of schools

We Are Nudge are calling for heads within corporate social responsibility, physical & mental health workers, dieticians & nutritionists, heads within education and education professionals, parliamentarians, departmental officials, local authority & policy makers, welfare rights workers, advisors, seniors from the NGO Sector & food aid providers to come forward and be part of the solution.

Join us in tackling this issue and to find out more about what we are doing in June, please contact me online via @nudgeweare or [email protected]

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