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Quiz: What's your digital tribe?

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On the sometimes mean streets of cyberspace it’s always good to know who your people are. In the RSA's first Power to Create report "A new digital learning age" Anthony Painter and Louise Bamfield see the digital world as divided into five tribes: The Cautious Strivers, Aspirationals, Confident Warriors, Grounded Traditionalists and Wise Enablers. Take our quiz and find out which tribe you belong to.

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  • Have tried direct link to Qzrr and it gives me a blank page.  Whichever way I try, I get no quiz and no error message.

  • Just that the Quiz?  It is end with the question about just tech devices? It is just help to help sellers?

  • Wish I could find the quiz.  There seem to be several ways to access it.  Have tried them all and it doesn't appear.

  • I think I solved it; it was just the computer system I'm on being very slow to load!  So sucesfully done the Quiz now though felt the answers to the questions were ratheer limited however I'm apparently Aspirational! 

  • Maybe its my digital tribe but I can't seem to get into the Quiz can anyone help me please ?

    • Hi Janet, what seems to be the problem? 

      • As a Wise Enabler can I offer you some advice? Go to https://www.qzzr.com/quiz/0095bd70-4ca3-46a1-ab34-2c0585fd9cd5/fi9xdWl6emVzLzYzNjIz

        That seemed to work for me - but I'd have wished for a little more depth and investigation to the questions, and some idea how it will be used to further our aspirations (that's a new word I picked up from somewhere).