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Blog: Entrepreneurial Action for Others Creates a Better World for Us All


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The power of positive change lies with the power of people. This week sees 3,500 student, business and academic leaders get together in South Africa for the Enactus Global World Cup competition.

One of the things that attracted me to want to work at the RSA is the 27,000 strong Fellowship who want to achieve global social change. I have also been privileged in previous roles to get to see the power of people through the Enactus UK network, a recent RSA partner, who have for the last decade built their network to work with over 2,800 students. Working across 53 universities annually, impacting over 58,400 people. Enactus is an international organisation that connects student, academic and business leaders through entrepreneurial-based projects that empower people to transform opportunities into real, sustainable progress for themselves and their communities.

Take a look at the video below and you can see for yourselves there are some truly inspiring students with some outstanding projects having impact across the world. Take, for instance, some of the National UK winners of the Enactus Global World Cup Competition over the last few years. Here, as an example, is the University of Southampton presenting at the Global World Cup competition in 2013.

Do you feel inspired? Now is your chance to get involved with the Enactus UK team as a mentor. King’s College London’s SleepCoat project was inspired by the need to provide appropriate clothing for people living homeless. Could you support a developed project like this and bring it to scale? Or could you help a fledgling team to understand the social challenges in their area and develop innovative solutions?

Enactus UK are seeking FRSA who would like to be Social Sector Advisers. Together with the team’s University Advisers, business advisers and Enactus UK staff, they will form a vital part of the team’s support network and will offer students a valuable source of knowledge and experience. This is an ongoing mentoring opportunity throughout the academic year.

Alternatively, if you have training experience or would like to get involved in the Enactus UK training days, covering anything from market research to impact measurement, the next will be held on Sat 7th November in Grantham.

For more information email Rachel Munns FRSA [email protected]

If you want to watch the competition live view the schedule here.

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