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    Associate Director, Public Services and Communities (Sabbatical)
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For public servants and for communities facing big challenges, shrinking budgets and new opportunities, Creative Gatherings are one – though only one – answer to the question “How do we do things differently together?”

Creative Gatherings are meeting spaces with a difference, bringing together a diverse range of people, from a variety of backgrounds, interests and sectors, in order to investigate themes of interest.

They incorporate a methodology that is based upon creative practices in the arts. The gatherings are neutral forums, facilitated by people with experience of creative practice and offer safe spaces for provocation and challenge that in turn lead to fresh thinking and new perspectives. 

Two Creative Gatherings were hosted as part of People Shaped Localism and we invite community leaders, public servants, business leaders and others to consider what a Creative Gathering might help them achieve.

This guide provides a practical resource that outlines what Creative Gatherings are, how they can help you work together better, and what’s needed to apply them in practice.

Download the 'Creative Gatherings' Guide (PDF, 4.8MB)

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      Sorry you are having difficulties viewing the form. Please follow the link just above the comments bar to complete your download. 



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  • Sorry, cannot find the form that I should complete in order to be enabled to to download the guide.