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The Complete Freedom of Truth

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    Artistic Director of Opera Circus a performing arts organisation and of international youth work
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The Complete Freedom of Truth (TCFT) is an international 5 year youth led project with the ambition to develop global youth citizenship through culture and the arts. TCFT aims to use cultural and arts activities to provide skills training and cultural awareness for young people across Europe by developing their own creativity.

Tolerance, inclusiveness, deeper learning and an understanding of the other are at the heart of this creative process. It seeks to foster understanding between people from different European countries, transcend language barriers and facilitate the space in which to create emancipatory change through the use of culture and the arts. 

“how do we build a common freedom……by testing our differences” Lora Krasteva. 24.

Seeking to integrate and develop an awareness between otherwise disconnected young people across Europe, TCFT has developed a two-week summer programme where young people come together to explore social and cultural issues that affect their lives through cultural and arts activities. The first year was in Visegrad, Jelah and Srebrenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina in August 2015.  This was in partnership with 12 European organisations from 7 countries from wider Europe and 120 people from 15-65, participants, artists and facilitators.  The film on the website tells the story.

The aims were to develop conversations and activism around issues of democracy, human rights, equality, LGBTI/gender and European citizenship. Creative workshops and discussion groups are facilitated by both experienced practitioners and young people. Participants decide the nature of the discussion groups, the main issues which they wish to be represented, and the creative workshops available, ranging from parkour to poetry. 

The programme is not restricted to the TCFT summer programme. There are longer term youth led creative projects addressing issues such as the European refugee crisis, inclusion, corruption and the representation of minority LGBTI groups in Bosnia and elsewhere in Europe. These projects share practical examples of ways in which to respond creatively to challenges within your own communities with other young people across Europe. 

TCFT seeks to create a connected community of young people from across Europe who are passionate about positive social change within their communities and Europe as a whole.  Inclusion and the accessibility of the arts for people of all backgrounds are at the heart of TCFT, regardless of disabilities, gender, race or class.

(from part of an original blog by Amy Wisenfeld,youth leader at TCFT)

Tina Ellen Lee, FRSA, is the Artistic Director of the performing arts company Opera Circus  which leads on this programme both in Dorset, nationally and internationally.  Tina was awarded the European Citizen’s Prize in 2015 for her work. The prize is an award for exceptional achievement in displaying an outstanding commitment to promoting better mutual understanding and closer integration between citizens of the Member States and facilitating cross-border or transnational cooperation within the European Union.  It is also concerned with day to day activities giving concrete expression to the values entailed in the Charter of fundamental rights of the European Union.

From August 1 – 14, TCFT will be resident at the University of Bournemouth working with the Media Department, an International Centre of Excellence. We will welcome two new partners, Mahatat Collective from Cairo and Slyncs youth organisation from Blackburn.  There is motivation from many of the participants to find ways to support the refugees coming into the county including offering contact for the transient 150 young men aged from 18 – 21 who are incarcerated at The Verne Detention Centre on Portland.  There will be a final spectacular outdoor performance on the 13th August on the University Campus.

There are a variety of ways people could participate including fund raising and promotion, I would be very happy to discuss this further and welcome ideas.

Tina Ellen Lee [email protected]

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