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Parents Evening: From awkward to awesome


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As part of our exciting and ongoing collaboration with The Teachers Guild the RSA spoke to teachers, students and parents from all over the world to understand exactly what was wrong with the parent-teacher conference, and how we are going to fix it.

Want to get started right away?- Download “lunch and a brainstorm”, grab a sandwich, some Post-its and some colleagues and spend half an hour generating some amazing ideas.

The Journey so far

Based on what we heard, we’ve come up with four themes to focus on as we move into the “Ideate” phase of our design journey and begin to generate solutions to the problems we uncovered.

We want your answers to these questions and there are lots of ways you can get involved and share your ideas.

  1. Log on to The Teachers Guild website right now and post your idea while it’s fresh.
  2. Download “lunch and a brainstorm” then grab a sandwich, some Post-its and some colleagues and spend half an hour generating some amazing ideas.
  3. Join us at 4pm on Tuesday 10th of May for our global virtual Brainstorm use "This Link" on the day and get involved.
  4. Join us at 5pm on Monday 9th of May for a global Twitter chat. Share your ideas with the hashtag #connectparents

Discover recap:

Download our Synthesis snapshot.

Watch our fireside chat and webinar. 

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