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Global Sharing Week helps millions to discover the sharing economy


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Global Sharing Week which runs from 5-11th June is the largest people-driven campaign helping millions discover the rapidly growing Sharing Economy. From community food shares to clothes swaps, events happen on every continent and can be found and registered on the global map. With over 200 events planned worldwide, the week raises the profile of what its founders, ‘The People Who Share’ and ‘Shareable’, call the ‘real Sharing Economy’. 


To examine the real Sharing Economy, The RSA has begun a project called ‘Towards a Fairer Sharing Economy’. The project is led by Brhmie Balaram who has authored the report ‘Fair Share: Reclaiming Power in the Sharing Economy’. The report looks at the issues around who is benefitting from the Sharing Economy, the growth of platform businesses and the question of whether community initiatives and the community at large are benefitting from growth in the sector. 

Global Sharing Week celebrates community sharing enterprises, and promotes access to shared resources for all.  The People Who Share believe everybody should experience the benefits of sharing. This is why in 2012 National Sharing Day was created. It’s a day to celebrate sharing and encourage people to participate in the Sharing Economy. National Sharing Day was a huge success and became Global Sharing Day. In June 2015, The People Who Share decided to go BIG and created Global Sharing Week. With activities and campaigns happening all over the world, #GlobalSharingWeek reached over 100 million people worldwide with over 126 registered events on every continent! Global Sharing Week 2016 promises to be much bigger. Here are  7 awesome ways to take part in Global Sharing Week! Plus, you can join in the conversation on Twitter. What will you share?

Benita is a global Sharing Economy expert and speaker, a Fellow of the RSA, Chair of the RSA’s steering group for ‘Towards a Fairer Sharing Economy’ and the Founder of social enterprise The People Who Share and Global Sharing Week.

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