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A new educational initiative, that was recently pitched at the RSA Engage Birmingham, is about to be launched in Coventry. The founder, Nick Maxwell is keen to talk to RSA Fellows who have an interest in innovation in adult education, making better use of public space and tackling isolation in the community.

The project - ‘WeLearnLocal’ - is leading a major skill-sharing initiative supported by Coventry University Social Enterprise, Coventry Libraries Service and City College Coventry. Launching in August, WeLearnLocal.co.uk will serve as an online hub for a wide range of learning opportunities for adults - from hobby skills to arts and crafts, business, professional insight, digital skills, health and wellbeing, language and culture, music and more.


The website makes it easy to find great learning opportunities and it makes it really easy for instructors to set up new classes. The project is all about connecting people within communities through fun group lessons and empowering instructors to do what they do best – to teach.


In August and September, WeLearnLocal.co.uk will be hosting the city’s ‘Summer of Skill-Sharing’. People living in and around Coventry will be able to use the website to search for lessons being taught in a range of city venues - including libraries, Coventry University campus and City College Coventry. The website supports instructors and skill-sharers by providing them with easy access to instruction space and by taking care of all the promotion and advertising for their lessons.  


“Our new start-up is all about supporting instructors, being a gateway for learners and celebrating lifelong learning. Coventry already hosts two of the UK’s top Universities and we all hope will be UK City of Culture 2021. Our mission is to make Coventry the UK’s number one city for adult learning and skill-sharing.”


WeLearnLocal.co.uk seeks to support all types of instructors, from professional instructors across a range of topics to residents with skills or knowledge to share. The website will also host information about community workshops, college classes and lessons from other learning institutions across the city.


If you're a local Fellow, interested instructor or simply have a passion you wish to pass on please do take a look at the site and get in touch. RSA Engage has already provided a number of brilliant connections but we are keen to make more.


WeLearnLocal.co.uk will be hosting a launch reception in Coventry City Centre on 21 July, from 5.15pm.  Please come and join us to hear more or offer your skills.

Details and registration are available at: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/launch-reception-coventrys-summer-of-skill-sharing-tickets-26428502362.  We do hope you can join us or share the invite with someone you know.


For more information about the initiative, visit www.welearnlocal.co.uk, follow Nick on Twitter @welearnlocal and connect with him on LinkedIn here too.

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