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On the 4th July RSA House will host the annual RSA Academies Arts Day. Almost 100 young people from across the RSA Academies and three schools from Greater Manchester who are participating in the Pupil Design Awards, will descend on RSA House to partake in a series of workshops to explore the theme of 'Our Creative Future.'

In the first session, young people will be creating their own individual A3 poster on the theme of 'Our Creative Future'. The second session will allow each group to work collaborative on designs for a poster, taking ideas from the morning session and working to develop a final design which powerfully distils and communicates the messages they wish to convey on the theme. 

Students will learn about layout, effective messaging and the power of word and image to communicate. The posters will visually tell the story about what it means to be an RSA academy, what the students’ value about their school and the RSA, as well as demonstrating their future aspirations and hopes.

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