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Managing A Goat Rodeo

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    Diana Davidson
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‘Managing a goat rodeo’ was a new term to me, but when you organise a local community event yourself, the phrase will hopefully keep you smiling.

Though charming and often endearing, goats are known for their independent free spirit - a characteristic shared in abundance amongst most local communities, making planning anything infinitely trickier than it ever is in the corporate world.

So, you have a great idea and want to start small. That’s where I began too as I embarked on hosting my first regional RSA event. I visualised a few bottles of off-licence wine, a variety pack of cheeses and free-to-borrow glasses from my local supermarket - a low-key networking event.

Sadly, these initial plans got lost along the way and became far more complex than my wildest nightmares as I trawled through fire regulations, liability insurance and wheelchair access and then advanced into blagging free local press and radio coverage in between juggling work at my own consultancy practice.

A few weeks later, I’m scrutinising menus with award-winning caterers, hobnobbing with captains of industry, extending invitations to council leaders and formulating plans with Oxbridge Professors.

So where did it all go so wrong?!

Those who have been in my shoes will know only too well that that’s the effect the RSA has on you - making you stand tall and open doors you never contemplated before to realise bigger, better dreams. In short, you find a higher gear and discover the super highway of wowee.

I guess that’s why we all joined the RSA.

So join me, for one night only, to share YOUR ideas about how we can make the borough of Basingstoke & Deane an even more amazing place to live, work and play in 2050.

 ‘L’ plates welcome. Who else is up for organising a goat rodeo?!

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  • Great blog, love the goat rodeo description!  Definitely agree with you on the opportunities that Fellowship opens up - good luck for the event, afraid it's a bit far for me to travel to but look forward to hearing how you get on.