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If you knew there was a tried & tested service successfully helping thousands of people manage their anxiety and depression; would you help get it out to the millions who need it?

This is the case with Moodscope - a community-driven online service enabling people to positively manage their mood.

It was invented by my friend Jon and developed with fellow sufferers. After 10 years of careful nurture, driven by the needs of users, the time has come to spread the benefits of Moodscope and launch it to the millions who need it. We know from research that it works, it helps members, and that one third of the population say they want to try it.

Given that we know 80% of sufferers of depression are not receiving treatment due to barriers of health resources, a lack of healthcare workers and social stigma; and that nearly 800,000 people worldwide die due to suicide every year, it has never been more needed.

Here's our crowdfunding video which explains more...

Our crowdfunding campaign objective is to make an improved Moodscope available to the many who need it. We are aiming to raise £50,000 to do two things:

  1. To improve Moodscope as requested by members by making it truly mobile to use on smart phones at any time. We will produce two apps, and make the content of the 25,000 blogs searchable, so that it is easy to access shared experiences and empathy on whatever, whenever.
  2. To tell potential new members about the service and invite them to join.

This is a one off appeal. To date we have provided the service out of our own time and savings and help from a small number of volunteers and supporters.

So please will you support our crowdfunding campaign in partnership with CrowdPatch by sharing this with anyone you think might help.

Donate now, or share the link with others who believe in this movement.

Thank you of behalf of the many who will benefit. Your action is greatly appreciated.


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