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Sustainable Households sub-group event: Reducing water waste and encouraging local wildlife


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The Sustainable Households subgroup shares ideas that support householders to reduce their consumption of energy, water and food, and to minimise waste. The group organises events where you can listen to expert speakers share their thoughts on sustainability matters and meet like-minded people.

Members of the Sustainable Households Subgroup of the RSA’s Sustainability Network invite you to Smart Living at Home: Water & Wildlife at the Green Lab in Bermondsey.
The average UK household uses 450 litres of water per day, most of it for baths and showers, and all of it is purified drinking water. We are used to taking water for granted as a renewable resource – after all it rains all the time, doesn’t it? But what if we have more dry summers like the one we’ve just had?  Do we need to be prepared and to think about how much water we use in our daily lives?  
The expert panel you will meet currently includes Aaron Burton, Director of Policy and Innovation at Waterwise, Dr Mike Keil, Head of Policy and Research at the Consumer Council for Water and Andy Graham, Head of Community Working Wetlands from the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust.
Join the conversation to share the global and national context for reducing water waste and for making the most of the water we have. Find out about low-cost and no-cost quick fixes to reduce water waste, learn how one's perception of water scarcity differs depending on where we live in the UK, challenge the speakers on why you should use less water and understand what any of this has to do with the wildlife in your local area. 
You can find out more about the Sustainable Households subgroup and its activities here. Anybody with an interest in reducing their household’s carbon footprint can engage with the project by completing this form.
The 27 November event is open to all those interested in living more sustainably at home by reducing water waste and encouraging local habitats.  
For a fun networking evening in an innovative green space, with food and drink, book your ticket using this Link

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