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Litter: pick it up pick it up pick it up!


  • Adult education
  • Creativity
  • Arts and society
  • Environment

The May Project Gardens has been working since 2007 in encouraging people to reconnect to nature and achieve personal, social and economic transformation.

KMT (Ian Solomon-Kawall) FRSA is a community activist and artist, opening up his own garden to educate the community about environmental issues, waste reduction and particularly litter (the May Project Gardens).

He has achieved this through workshops, training, and a song (“LITTER”), empowering people of all ages to take responsibility for their own contribution to the planet. He is keen to expand his team, and is reaching out to the Fellowship to get on board to promote the work to reach more people.

Recently diagnosed with dyslexia, Ian is using his consistent resourcefulness to adapt the usual use of the RSA platform by creating its very first Fellows Vlog.

Ian and his project have been featured on:

BBC1Xtra (at 15:15mins)

A2i Dyslexia 

Check out what he’s doing and how to get involved by watching the video clips below:

Ian Solomon-Kawall FRSA is a community activist and artist.



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