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Start up a Driving Ambition project near you to help young people achieve


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Do you want to help young people achieve their ambitions? Hear how the Fellow-led Driving Ambition project has helped young people prepare to transition to higher education and the workplace and learn how to start up a project near you!

Six years ago a small group of Fellows in North Oxfordshire started the Driving Ambition project, aimed at sharing their expertise and experience with students at local schools. The project is still going strong, supporting activities at the North Oxfordshire Academy in Banbury and the Oxford Spires Academy in Oxford.  



For details of the projects we have run and how you can get involved, please check out the Driving Ambition Handbook. 

Driving Ambition focusses on sharing work and life experiences with students, whether in one-to-one sessions or working with groups. We aim to either make the work we do relevant to supporting curriculum subjects the students are studying or to tailor it to meet their individual goals. 

The key to success is finding a school that wants your help and can give staff the time needed to support the project. If you can put this together with a small enthusiastic group of Fellows, you are well on the way to helping young people achieve their ambitions. 

We now want to help spread the project to other parts of the country through the launch of the handbook, and are open to travel and/or video conference to help groups get started. 

Please visit our website for further information or to get in touch. 

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