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North FRSA launches 'travelling' Sustainable Department Store


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Jane Langely FRSA launched 'Blue Patch' in 2014. It is a selective ethical marketplace for sustainable, local and heritage products including furniture, clothing, gifts, beauty and services such as ethical banks and sustainable printers. This March, it is coming to the Whitworth museum in Manchester.

A few months ago we wrote a piece about our vision for a new retail experience on the high street while gearing up for our second department store popup which would showcase a mix of shopping along with activities and workshops designed to encourage conversations about sustainability and living a life that is kinder to the planet.

We are very pleased to announce that Blue Patch’s Sustainable Department Store is hitting the road, and our first destination is Manchester.

For three weeks, from the 12th of March to the 31st of March, a selection of our members will be exhibiting and selling their products at the Whitworth museum in Manchester.

What’s different about this?
We’re not just selling beautiful things. We are on a mission to help tackle two issues, climate change and the economy.

Firstly, carbon-saving ideas shared within a desirable setting could encourage even more people towards behaviour change, helping to amplify the good things already happening.

Secondly, the social disconnect caused by online shopping, rising business costs and Brexit is cascading through high streets and local businesses are under extreme pressure. Tackling these issues head on, our aim is to create high profile opportunities for our collective of SMEs and get them directly to local shoppers, increasing their chance of a stable customer base and finding other retailers to work with.

We’re very excited about the chance to present beautiful sustainable goods from the length and breadth of the country to the visitors of the Whitworth in Manchester, but we are also excited for the chance to have conversations about sustainability and sustainable shopping, and why this is important.

This popup is the third Blue Patch Sustainable Department Store, the first two having been in London. We’d love for all of you to come down and see us if you are in Manchester during those days. You’ll have a chance to browse beautiful objects, meet some of our makers and find our about Blue Patch.

Blue Patch isa selective ethical marketplace for sustainable, local and heritage products from the British Isles and beyond including furniture, clothing, gifts, beauty and services such as ethical banks and sustainable printers. Launched in 2014 by Jane Langley, Blue Patch also provides a collaborative business network for SMEs and sole traders. As a social enterprise, every penny Blue Patch makes supports its business members, renewable energy, conservation and community programmes.


The WhitworthOxford Rd, M15 6ER. Open 10 am - 5pm and to 9pm on Thursday.

Follow us on Twitter at #BSTORE19

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