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Meet five female Fellows making change happen


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This International Women’s Day at the RSA we are delighted to be showcasing the transformational work of five outstanding Fellows in a range of different fields.

At the RSA we value deeply the innovative contributions our Fellows make to social change.While we can only highlight a few here, we want to take a moment to celebrate the thousands of Fellows making change in their communities, sectors, and respective fields globally.  

Leni Morris – CEO of Galop

Leni is passionate about supporting and advocating for the LGBT+ community, and has worked within an array of LGBT+ and human rights organisations. Leni joined Galop in June 2020 as chief executive officer. Galop provides advice, support, and advocacy to thousands of LGBT+ people who experience abuse and violence, every year through their frontline services. Leni cares deeply about the LGBT+ rights and is driven to use her time and energy to make things better for people in that community.

Dominique Palmer – Climate Activist

Dominique is a climate justice activist, storyteller, writer, and speaker. Her work centres around uniting people for climate action, intersectional climate justice, and utilising the arts and creative methods to invoke a cultural shift to prevent climate destruction. Dominique became an environmentalist after discovering how pollution was affecting her community. She is a coordinator in Climate Live, and a member of Hero UK Climate Justice Circle. In 2020 Dominique was named in Forbes 100 UK Leading Environmentalists list for her work, and has spoken on world stages about climate justice. Dominique is a force of nature, and her climate activism is inspiring.

Follow Dominique on Instagram: @domipalmer

Caroline Leroi – Founder & Director of The Hive

Caroline creates immersive adventures and projects for children and teens to explore, create, problem-solve, and collaborate in the outdoors. Caroline was inspired to launch The Hive in 2014 after feeling dismayed by the growing disconnect between nature and 21st century skills, and at the lack of creative and modern outdoor activities available for her son. The Hive has gone on to become one of London’s most established accredited providers of Forest School training. Caroline is a brilliant example of the type of social changemaking that the RSA seeks to encourage through our Design for Life mission.

Jenny Andersson – Regenerative Strategist

Jenny is a self-described “regenerative practioner, strategist and agent for change.” She has been working side by side with brands, organisations, cities and municipalities who wish to be part of the move towards a new regenerative economy. At the RSA we have been lucky enough to witness first hand Jenny’s passion for healing the story of separation between humanity and nature. Jenny has recently been helping to educate RSA staff about how we might achieve a vision of a regenerative future. Jenny is a unique force for good, and is working hard to sustain long term change.

Follow Jenny on Twitter: @jenandersson1

Anisa Sanusi – lead UI/UX designer and founder of Limit Break

Anisa is the lead UI/UX designer at Netspeak Games, a new developer creating games which include different tools and features that encourage socialising amongst players. Previously, she has worked as an artist at Double Eleven, Hutch Games and Frontier Developments. Very excitingly, Anisa is also the founder of Limit Break, a mentorship program for people of underrepresented genders working in the UK games industry. In light of her outstanding work and achievements, Anisa was recently listed in the Forbes 30 Under 30 list and the top 100 women Game Changers list.

Follow Anisa and her mentorship program on twitter: @studioanisa @LBMentorship.

We are delighted to be showcasing these five female leaders who are making an outstanding contribution to social change in their chosen fields. We know it takes real courage, fortitude, resilience, and innovation to forge ahead and instigate such magnificent social transformations, and International Women’s Day is our opportunity to recognise their achievements. We hope that spotlighting their exciting work will inspire many more female leaders to follow in their bold footsteps.

If reading about these astounding women has reminded you of any other female changemakers that you know of, we encourage you to nominate them to become an RSA Fellow.

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