Meet four Fellows making an impact towards racial justice, equity and inclusion - RSA

Meet four Fellows making an impact towards racial justice, equity and inclusion


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In recognition of Black History Month, we are delighted to spotlight some of our Fellows who have been working within racial justice and equity spaces. We have picked a handful of Fellows who are demonstrating the importance of equity and inclusion within a diversity of sectors.


Lola Olaore

Founder, bloss.m

Lola established bloss.m in 2018 with a clear mission: to empower girls and women to unleash their full potential. She introduced programmes like the bInspired Mentoring Programme and bloss.m Scholars, aimed at bolstering women's confidence, career awareness and practical skills.

Bloss.m is dedicated to fostering a more equitable society that recognises and supports women's contributions in achieving their aspirations. This year bloss.m was a finalist in the KPMG Black Entrepreneurs' Awards and was shortlisted as one of the 'most promising not-for-profit organisations’.


Grace A Graham

Founder and Director, KISTC, Keep it Simple Training Company

With a rich background spanning 30 years in leadership and management across public, private and charitable sectors, Grace's experience extends to diverse industries such as music, recruitment and education.

She has channelled her expertise into the Keep It Simple Training Company (KISTC), where she provides customised training and consultancy services, including executive coaching, to organisations dedicated to nurturing racially inclusive workplace cultures.

Grace's exceptional commitment to diversity and inclusion shines through KISTC's offerings, featuring anti-racism workshops, personalised training and easily accessible online consultancy services.


Louisa Adjoa Parker

Poet, Author and Co-Founder, The Inclusion Agency

A British writer and poet of Ghanaian and English heritage, Louisa has penned poetry and short story collections, drawing from her experiences of racism and domestic violence during her childhood. She's dedicated to amplifying marginalised voices and promoting inclusive literature, using her art as a catalyst for personal and societal change.

Louisa’s work delves into themes including rural racism, identity, motherhood and violence. She is also the co-founder of The Inclusion Agency, which provides consultancy services to various organisations on equality, diversity and inclusion.



Victoria Princewill

Novelist, Author of ‘The Palace of Flowers’

Victoria Princewill is a cultural transformation consultant, specialising in underserved communities and individuals. With an academic background spanning both STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) and the arts, she combines neuroscience research in psychiatric epidemiology with an exploration of how narratives shape empathy, power dynamics and professional cultures.

Victoria’s goal is to use this understanding to create art that drives positive personal and societal change. Notably, she has contributed insightful pieces on race and contemporary culture to renowned broadcasters and publications such as the BBC, the Guardian, the Independent, the London Review of Books, and n+1 magazine. In her debut novel, ‘The Palace of Flowers,’ Princewill strives to reintroduce the stories of often overlooked African women to the world.

We encourage you to continue the conversation, check out the work of these incredible Fellows and take action in your community.

If reading about these inspiring people making an impact in the anti-racism and social equity space has reminded you of any changemakers, we encourage you to nominate them to become an RSA Fellow.


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