Drinking with Dave


It's been a really busy week here with an event happening every day, so we are only just now trying to draw breath.  Monday evening's RSA Screens event with Dave Gorman went down really well - he's such an interesting guy although he was telling us in the bar afterwards that he’s trying to leave behind his wacky comic persona, and carve out a reputation as a serious documentary-maker making “proper grown-up telly”.

Also, still picking up coverage of our event with the Chancellor last week, It’s good to know that RSA events have a life beyond John Adam Street.

We’ve been getting ready for the start of our new series on education and rushing around trying to find a copy of Michael Young's new book for Ian in our Education team, who's going to be doing an interview with Prof Young for the RSA Journal.  It should be a good start to the series.

And finally… off to Oxford this evening to attend the first event in a new series in partnership with Oxford Amnesty Lectures, looking at the very topical subject of religion and human rights with major international thinkers including Simon Schama, Ronald Dworkin and Asma Jahangir .

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