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This week in Fellowship


Hello, and welcome to the section of this blog bringing you news and views from the Fellowship office. I'm a researcher here, keeping my beady eye on the world to find new people to send invitations to.

This week in Fellowship...

The Young Achievers Trust

The RSA is currently in partnership with the Young Achievers Trust, helping to support and celebrate inspirational young volunteers. I emailed a group of Fellows this week to ask for help in judging the awards, and I was cheered by the postive response and the high level of enthusiasm at the chance to be involved.

"This sounds like a great initiative and I would be honoured to be involved"

"I would be very interested in helping with this [...] I know the tremendous impact that volunteering can have on both the volunteer and their communities"

We have eight Fellows on the panel, and we will be looking to the Fellowship again to provide mentoring opportunities and advice for the winners when they are announced in March this year. There is an interesting conversation on the Networks platform about the value of mentoring and internships to encourage young people.

I spent last Friday shortlisting the applications, and I was bowled over by what some of these young people have achieved. I volunteer for the Food Chain once a month, and it can be hard to motivate myself to do that, even though I always have a great time when I'm there. I left the office with a buzz, and the feeling that, by supporting these inspiring young people, the RSA and our Fellows are really making a positive difference.

Until next time...

Information on how to join the RSA Fellowship, and how to nominate someone here.

(Photographs by me - this one taken from the 3rd floor of the RSA House)

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