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This week in Fellowship...

I've been on holiday. So I had a severe case of Monday blues induced by no longer wandering round Marrakech with my rucksack and the 2000 unread articles in GoogleReader. But by Tuesday I realised that being away for a while has given me a fresh perspective on what we're trying to achieve, and I can better appreciate the progress we're making here.

Fellowship seems to be getting busier and busier. Yesterday afternoon, Steve B, Head of Fellowship, was yelling out the names of new Fellows that caught his eye in the increasing large pile of application forms on his desk (this is particularly satisfying if it's someone I've researched). Today it's a bit quieter because half the team have gone up to Scotland for a Fellow's event, in line with efforts to boost our regional and international presence.

Staff meetings have changed recently too, as each department is going to take responsibility on a rolling timetable to improve internal communication and relationships. Today was the turn of Hospitality and, as a result we've all got a bingo card of faces and a bottle of wine to the first person who meets everyone and collects their signature. And lots of the office staff volunteered to job-swap and spend some time in Hospitality roles. So if you pop into the House, you might just catch MT behind the reception, or perhaps offering you a canape.

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Information on how to join the RSA Fellowship, and how to nominate others here.

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