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This week in Fellowship...

Wow, it's been a busy one, my feet have barely touched the floor.

Last week's event at the Baltic in Newcastle went well; I met lots of interesting enthusiastic people, several of whom promised they would check out the Networks platform after I had demonstrated it, and were excited by the opportunity to contact more Fellows and be more involved, unhindered by geographical distance.

I also got winked at by the Gateshead Millennium Bridge. Then I got lost trying to find the station and had to jump in a taxi. But I managed to impress the driver with my knowledge of Sunderland's success under manager Roy Keane.

Back at home, I have started a social sciences course with the Open University. They are the biggest university in the UK, and the course 'Understanding Social Change' is their most popular and my tutor said that applications for the course had doubled since last year. Maybe this marks a growing appetite for social innovation and progress? Let's hope so.

It's the end of the day here, and now I'm going to do my homework. Hmm, voluntarily increasing my work load...what was I thinking?

Until next time

Find out more information on how to join the RSA Fellowship, and how to nominate others.

(Photographs by me - this one of my insightful note taking skills)

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