Navigating the financial crisis, and the moral maze


An even-briefer –than–usual update today as I am rather distracted (not to say terrified) about being a Moral Maze panellist tonight. The programme is live, the other panellists have done it loads of times before and the subject is really difficult – whether NHS patients who top up their cancer treatments with drugs not available on the NHS should be denied NHS care. If you want to listen in it’s on at 8.00, or you could 'listen again' on the podcast tomorrow.

Really good seminar yesterday on Tomorrow’s Investor. Rowland Manthorpe and David Pitt Watson made a good case to a very knowledgeable group that there is a gap in the market for a simple, low fee, high accountability, ethically robust pension fund. The next stage is to look more thoroughly at the viability for such a fund and explore what possible regulatory barriers there might be. The first stage was funded by INVESCO and PWC – whose representatives also made invaluable contributions to yesterday’s seminar - so thanks to them.

I have a piece about behaviour change policies in today’s Guardian. It’s the lead article for a magazine called Ethos which I guest edited on the subject of behaviour change for the company Serco. The magazine includes an interesting article by neuroscientist Susan Greenfield and an interview (by me) with Oliver Letwin.

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