Pointless and irrational but, hey, I'm hooked - RSA

Pointless and irrational but, hey, I'm hooked


This blog  is very self indulgent. 'Really', I hear you saying 'and how exactly would that distinguish it from all the rest?'.

It's been one of those days. It started with a speech at the QEII Centre this morning. I'm not saying I was brilliant, but I wasn't that bad. But for all the positive response I got I could have been selling pork scratchings at a vegan convention.

It confirmed to me that the QEII is simply the worst venue for making speeches; its rooms are huge, featureless, echoing hangars with no natural light.  To make it worse, my next gig was also there, chairing the opening session of the National Digital Inclusion Conference. Last year I also chaired the event and it was great. But this year - in the QEII - even with four, yes four, ministers on the platform getting the audience going was like trying to start an Austin Allegro on a January morning after you've been away for a month.

This afternoon we had talks with RSA Regional Chairs about the plans for an elected Fellowship Council. This is a radical and important step for the RSA as we build our Fellowship strategy. The Chairs have their concerns but are broadly supportive, seeing the need for a body with the legitimacy to challenge both RSA HQ and regions and local groups themselves to improve the engagement of Fellows. It looks like we are going to get plenty of people wanting to stand for election to the new Council.

But unless you are an RSA activist or the marketing director at the QEII, I realise this is not exactly fascinating. Which is where the self indulgence comes in. Even though it's way past the time of day when it's worth doing a blog, I just can't allow a weekday to go by without a post. 

Now, this might be for two different reasons. Either I am totally dedicated even to the point of writing blogs that no one will read. Or I am terrified that if I miss one day it will be a slippery slope; I will lose discipline and end up - like most organisational bloggers - doing it once a week at best.

I have been meaning for ages to write a blog about blogging; to pluck up the courage to ask, is it really worth it?  Perhaps, after all, this is it.

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