Wish me luck - RSA

Wish me luck


Apologies for no post today, and only cursory responses to the comments.

I have been working on the annual lecture of the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust, which I am due to deliver in 25 minutes. I am very nervous  and genuinely fear it may be a lead balloon. It's partly because I don't really think anyone has the right to pontificate about schools who doesn't actually spend time every day trying to teach real children.

The good news is that we have just had the most violent thunder storm I can ever remember, so maybe I'll be speaking to an audience comprising the event organisers and my ever loyal PA Barbara.

Was it Wittgenstein who said 'we know the sound of two hands clapping, but what is the sound of one hand clapping'. I may be able to answer this question in an hour or so.

I will report back tomorrow along, I hope, with an update on the climate change cultural theory quiz (thanks for a great response) and some exciting news about the Bloggers' Circle idea I floated a few weeks ago.

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