Fishing for compliments


I try not to do too much organisational self congratulation in this blog but some news we've had this morning seems sufficient grounds for a bit of RSA trumpet blowing.

As you may recall, I blogged recently about the European Business Awards for the Environment (EBAE) – the process for which is overseen by the RSA Environment Awards Forum – instigated and developed by a group of Fellows.  So, I am pleased to let you know that one of the UK Finalists we celebrated in March has won the overall European Management Award- given to ‘companies with outstanding strategic vision and management systems which enable them to continuously improve their contribute to sustainable development - at the umbrella event in Brussels.  Findus was one of 141 entrants and won for its ‘Fish for Life’ campaign, which is a programme promoting a long term sustainable future for seafood – it is in operation throughout Europe.

This is fantastic news and once again a tribute to all the hard work put in by dedicated Fellows and staff which has made these awards both prestigious and meaningful.

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