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    Kat Hounsell
    Founder at Everyday People & Freelance Consultant
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Street Wisdom is coming to the 40th Arundel Festival! Kat Hounsell is Founder at everyday people. Kat partners with organisations to help them transform their extraordinary visions into happy realities. She believes that wellbeing and performance are complimentary, not contradictory.

Learn how to access the hubbub of the festival and find fresh answers to personal or work-related questions with Street Wisdom: a powerful, three-hour guided experience that uses the streets as an invisible university.

It’s hit the streets of London, Nairobi, Boston, Amsterdam, Bilbao, Stockholm, Zagreb, Prague, and even Leamington Spa. And now, for the first time, Street Wisdom is coming to the award-winning Arundel Festival.

Many Fellows in the South East will already be aware that for 10-days each August the streets of Arundel come to life with some of the best music, art, and theatre our part of the country has to offer. This year is the 40th Arundel Festival and so it seems right that myself and my fellow Facilitator, Christopher Bemrose, introduce Street Wisdom to the mix. Having the RSA supporting the event is an added bonus.

The RSA have been partnering with Street Wisdom for a good few months now and I can understand why. Street Wisdom is an inspirational tool that inspires ideas, helps us innovate and motivates us to take meaningful action; all in all, helping us achieve our mission to enrich society and spark a new wave of 21st Century Enlightenment.

The festival is brilliant fun, and our hope for the workshop is to help people connect with this enjoyment in a way that has lasting resonance and stirs something within. 

So, what exactly is Street Wisdom? Is it right for you? and how will you find us at the festival?  Whether you’re intrigued, apprehensive, or enthused, I hope these ‘FAQs’ will answer those questions, and of course that we’ll see you there!

What is Street Wisdom? 
At the heart of Street Wisdom lies the idea that every moment is extraordinary and every street is full of inspiration. The 3-hour workshop will give you skills to see the urban environment in a new light, time to ponder a question you’ve been craving answers to, and space to reflect on how to move forward. The event is totally free and run by volunteer facilitators – the strapline being ‘you don’t pay fees, you pay attention’.

Who is it for? 
It is relevant for anyone tackling a challenge in the workplace, figuring out what's next, struggling with the day-to-day personal stuff, or seeking that inspirational breakthrough. Once experienced, it can be easily replicated on a personal basis, or taken into the workplace and used to inspire teams and colleagues.

What do I bring? 
An open mind, comfortable shoes, and clothes for all weather. A question you'd like answered: not too big ('What is the meaning of life?'), not too small ('What shall I have for supper?'), but somewhere in the middle - a burning issue to which you'd like fresh answers.

Can I know more first?
Sure! Check out this video: Street Wisdom - answers are everywhere or read more here: If you’d like to run your own Street Wisdom event, have a look here.

Sounds great, where do I sign up?!

Please book your free ticket in advance for either date:

Sunday 20th August, 2-5pm

Wednesday 23rd August, 2-5pm


Finally, where do I meet you?

Outside the Arundel Brewery Shop, No.1 Quay House, River Road, Arundel, BN18 9DF

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