Building capabilities

Design for Life Building capabilities

Change starts with supporting people to learn and lead. At the heart of our Design for Life mission is the commitment to understand and unlock the confidence, capabilities and connections of children, learners and entrepreneurs of all ages. We want to help them reach their full potential in how they shape a regenerative world.

How are we achieving this?

Design for Life Awards

Offering collaborative and inclusive learning experiences for children, learners and entrepreneurs helping them grow the capabilities and ideas needed for a regenerative world.

Playful green planet

Co-creating nature-based learning spaces and activities for 3-11-year-olds in urban areas, using creativity to build strong connections with nature and community.

Attend an event about our capabilities work

  • The future of youth social action

    Fellowship Event / Online


    After the publication of our report 'Make it authentic', we want to bring Fellows together to explore the future of active citizenship in schools. What's already happening? What needs to be happening? How does youth social action feature in the RSA's Design for Life mission?

  • Regenerative learning: making the shift

    RSA Event / Video / Online

    Online via Zoom Webinar

    Can we bridge the divide from dominant educational models to a new approach, where personal, social and ecological wellbeing is at the very heart of how we teach and learn? With regenerative educators Satish Kumar, Rachel Musson and Ben Rawlence.

  • Inclusive innovation: A new model for change

    RSA Event / Video / Online

    Online via Youtube

    Join the authors of a ground-breaking new study to find out how innovation motivated by environmental and social aims can support people and planet.

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  • The Student Design Awards' most ambitious year yet


    Anna Markland

    Learn about our legacy of active inclusion and our commitment to making 2023-24 the boldest and most far-reaching Pupil and Student Design Awards cycles yet.

  • Good stewards


    Andy Thornton

    Andy Thornton discusses how we can see the forest for the trees when it comes to nurturing regenerative business.

  • Century of innovation


    Anton Howes Anna Markland

    The Student Design Awards celebrate 100 successful years supporting visionary products.

Explore our other Design for Life areas of focus

  • Growing hubs

    Design for Life works across organisations, communities, industries and regions to create new ways for them to achieve regenerative impact together.

  • Developing infrastructure

    Design for Life develops and influences infrastructure at a system-wide level that people, communities and organisations need to drive regenerative change.

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