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RSA Spark

Creativity changes tomorrow

Inspiring real-world experiences for learners and entrepreneurs to create, connect, grow and make a difference.

We help everyone anywhere find their creativity, igniting ideas into action for a positive impact on the world. Through real-world missions and learning fuelled by innovation, you’ll grow life skills and lifelong connections. Let’s focus our energy on caring for people, places and the planet, changing tomorrow for everyone.

As we celebrate 100 years of the Student Design Awards, 10 years of the Pupil Design Awards, and 15 years of Catalyst Awards, we are combining them into RSA Spark.

How you can get involved

Make sure you join us and become part of our exciting new programme.

Whether you’re a learner, entrepreneur, educator or supporter of RSA Spark, get in touch to be part of this exciting journey.


We welcome pupils from across the globe aged 11-18, students 18+ and entrepreneurs of all ages – the only requirement is being passionate about doing more good for people, places and planet. RSA Fellows are also welcome.


We welcome any partners anywhere in the world delivering learning programmes within a school, college, university, adult learning or enterprise support setting. We are especially looking to support partners who work with excluded learners and entrepreneurs, and who are passionate about inspiring the next generation to lead initiatives that put people, places and planet at the heart of change.

Get involved in RSA Spark

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Interested in becoming a mission partner?

We are looking to partner with purpose-led organisations from any sector or industry, who work locally or globally, and who are committed to putting people, places and planet at the heart of their mission. Contact us here to talk about how we can support your purpose-led goals and create your own mission brief.

The collaboration between Kew Gardens and the RSA offers students the unique opportunity to combine their creativity with wider real-world challenges and think holistically about the social need and the environmental impact of their designs. It also allows Kew and the RSA to nurture the next generation of designers and environmental stewards who will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of our planet.

Head of Programmes and Exhibitions, Kew Gardens Paul Denton

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