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The future for UK health

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The future for UK health… what could go right?

Every health system in the world is experiencing extraordinary challenges in the decade ahead. The good news is that we’ve increased life expectancy; now we need to increase life quality, address health disparities, and reduce the burden on an over-stretched NHS workforce. And that will mean a paradigm shift in our approach to health and care towards a new model of prevention and holistic health creation.

Professor Sir John Bell is uniquely well placed to share insights into what could go right for health in the UK. As government Life Sciences Champion, chair of the Our Future Health programme, former Covid testing tsar and world-leading geneticist and immunologist, he has unrivalled knowledge of the challenges we face across the health ecosystem – from labs to local communities, from hospital wards to the corridors of power - and a truly expert view of the policies we need to put health at the heart of our approach to economic development, and support innovation to flourish.

Join Sir John at the RSA in Longevity Week to explore what it will take to harness the full potential of progress that’s being made at the cutting-edge of science and technology to secure healthier longer lives for people right across the UK.

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