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The rights of nature is becoming an important topic of social and political debate as countries around the world are seeking legal methods to protect vulnerable ecosystems.

Twenty four countries currently have national or local laws recognising nature as a legal entity with the same fundamental rights as humans. The global movement has seen significant legal wins in recent years, with mining and energy companies prevented from or fined for conducting activities in protected areas.

These rights of nature laws signify a radical shift in the way nature is recogised and codified in the Western legal system - from a commodity to be exploited for human benefit to a dynamic community of life.

Watch this timely conversation on this critical issue which took place as part of the 2024 RSA Fellows Festival.

This event is a collaboration between RSA Oceania, the RSA Sustainability Network and IdeaSpies. Please contact RSA Oceania Director, Philipa Duthie at philipa.duthie@thersa.org if you have any questions about this event.

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