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Jennie Winhall

Jennie Winhall

Social innovator and service designer

Jennie Winhall is a leading social innovator and service designer, working with foundations, public institutions and corporations making social impact. Her focus is on building working social ventures that bring about broader system change.


Jennie is the founder of ALT/Now in the UK which runs programmes for practical system innovation, and Director of Social Innovation for the Rockwool Foundation in Denmark where she leads Jennie was an early pioneer of service design, started the RED Unit at the UK Design Council in the early 2000s, worked for Live|Work and went on to be one of the founders of Participle, where she spent 10 years designing and scaling the radical public services outlined in 'Radical Help'. Jennie is a member of system change collective The Point People, a Fellow at Zinc Missions, an advisory board member for the National Lottery Community Fund’s Growing Great Ideas Fund and teaches design for social impact in Canada and the UK. Jennie was named as a leader in the emerging field of systems change by Social Innovation Generation and her talk at TEDx Oxbridge is here.


Twitter: @jeneralife