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Rachel O’Brien

Rachel O’Brien

Commissioning Editor of RSA Journal

Rachel is a consultant, editor and writer who has worked in the area of criminal justice since 2007, working with the RSA and a range of other clients.

Her work focuses on prison and rehabilitation with a particular interest in service user approaches, leadership, workforce and community engagement. At the RSA she undertook the Transitions project working with a prison in East Yorkshire for three years and, more recently, led the Future Prison Project. Working with Jack Robson (RSA) and Pamela Dow (Catch 22), she developed RSA’s proposal for the New Futures Network, which the government has now taken forward.

Rachel is commissioning editor of the RSA Journal. Prior to this, Rachel worked in the voluntary sector (The Children’s Society and Shelter), thinks tanks (ippr) and in government where she was a special advisor.


Follow Rachel on Twitter @racobrien