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Sarah Hawkins

Sarah Hawkins

Ecological design thinking graduate, Schumacher College

Sarah is graduating with a masters in Ecological Design Thinking from Schumacher College. The focus of her study explored creating conditions for transformation and mindset shifts with industry leaders inspired by the work of Donella Meadows, Giles Hutchins, and Bill Plotkin. This involved an embodied approach to help others feel their unity with nature, reflect upon their values and create regenerative visions of the future. Her studies enabled her to develop an ecocentric worldview and all of life approach to her work which she shared with students at Ravensbourne University earlier this year.

Previously, Sarah had a 15-year career leading in brand and communications design, partnering with global giants such as Unilever, PepsiCo, and GSK. Despite a bright future ahead, she left the industry to pursue the transformative teachings of Schumacher College.

With her renewed purpose, Sarah is now open to opportunities whilst also exploring community consultancy with social enterprise Urban Growth, and an internship with the Earth Law Centre.