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Fellowship Digital Services

Fellowship Digital Services

Co-designing a digital ecosystem that improves the ease and frequency of opportunity to engage with the RSA and other Fellows.

The RSA is undertaking a 6-month agile, user-centred project to define a clear end-to-end digital ecosystem for Fellows supported by research, insights and prototype solutions that are tested and iterated with Fellows.

Building on the Fellow-led Digital Summit in 2020 and recent research profiling the different needs of our Fellows, the target digital ecosystem will seek to “improve the ease and frequency of opportunity to engage with the RSA and with other Fellows” and meet the diverse needs of Fellows.

The project is running from June-December 2021 and is committed to putting the needs of Fellows first. We will engage Fellows throughout the project with regular ‘Show & Ask’ sessions and targeted workshops, in addition to ongoing communication and updates about the project.

Read the latest Sprint notes for the most recent developments on the project and the challenges we are addressing.


Feedback on the prototypes

We’re now just over halfway through the project and have developed the first prototypes towards what we think the target online experience ought to be for Fellows. Watch a short video and tell us what you think!

Join our next Show and Ask session 

28 October 2021, 9-10am BST and repeated at 4.30-5.30pm BST.

The 'Show and Ask' sessions are an opportunity to find out more about the progress of the project, ask questions and provide feedback. You can also keep track of the project using the Sprint notes below - please feel free to add your comments to these!

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A replay will be available to watch online soon after the event. 

Sprint notes


Watch replays of our Show and Ask sessions where we invite you to share feedback and ask questions about the project. 

We're hosting two Show and Ask sessions on each date (during the morning and afternoon BST) to optimise participation from Fellows globally. Highlights from both these sessions are combined in the videos below. 

Session 1: 29 July 2021

We held our first Show and Ask sessions during the last week of Sprint 3. Fellows joined us over the course of the two sessions to find out more about the project, ask questions and provide some really insightful feedback on the Fellowship online experience and the work.

In our first Show and Asks we asked Fellows which problem areas relating to the current online experience (identified through our research) resonated the most.

Session 2: 26 August 2021

The second Show and Ask took place towards the end of Sprint 5. We shared our initial vision of the target experience, based on our research and feedback from Fellows so far. 

We asked Fellows from what they'd seen which areas of the target experience would most improve their experience of engaging with the RSA online.  

Session 3: 23 September 2021

In the third Show and Ask we presented three initial prototypes for the target online Fellowship experience.

We asked Fellows to feedback their thoughts on the prototypes. To feedback on the prototypes yourself please watch this shorter video and leave a comment.  


Last year the RSA launched a new website and brand identity - a first step towards improving the online experience for both Fellows and non-Fellows.

At the same time we also undertook a major research project on our Fellowship, culminating in insights and recommendations for how to best support the diverse needs of our Fellows across all touchpoints.

In October 2020, a co-designed, Fellow-led Digital Summit brought together expertise from across the Fellowship to discuss what the RSA's digital future could look like. The resulting report, produced by Ann Longley FRSA with the support of a working group and participants at the Summit, was published in February 2021.

These insights and recommendations from the research and Summit bring us to the current phase of this work, a six-month agile project where we will:

  • Test, learn and iterate towards an Alpha minimum viable service solution
  • Make recommendations for the future end-to-end solution, including user experience, UI, content and service design
  • Define a prioritised backlog and roadmap for moving work forward into beta and beyond
  • Engage internal stakeholders, external stakeholders and partners / providers continually on this journey

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