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What should the ideal online Fellowship experience include?

The RSA is undertaking a 6-month agile, user-centred project to define a clear end-to-end digital ecosystem for Fellows supported by research, insights and prototype solutions that are tested and iterated with Fellows.

We’re now just over halfway through the project and have developed the first prototypes towards what we think the target online experience ought to be for Fellows, based on what you are telling us.

The three prototypes are designed to the address the following key needs:

  • What's in the Fellowship? - better orientation and visibility of what's inside the Fellowship (people and activity)
  • Finding Fellows - supporting connections and easy communication between Fellows
  • Collaborative Fellow spaces - inclusive, collaborative spaces for Fellows to share ideas and continue conversations.

Please watch the video and add your thoughts and feedback in the comments below...

Thinking about connecting with other Fellows online - what do you want to be able to do?​ Regarding online collaborative Fellow spaces - what would you want to use them for?


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  • I am very pleased to see this development which will 'lighten' the route to finding fellow Fellows and provide real engagement opportunities. As a professional event organiser I fully understand how mid-pandemic the world became 'virtual'. We are grateful to all those involved in building the digital platforms to facilitate global engagement and COP-26 is the evidence of this. Look forward to the next Show and Ask!

  • I am excited to see this project happening, in particular about the Finding Fellows and Collaborative Spaces ideas taking shape.

  • Great job. I like where you are heading. A destination, with everything you have described as a potential requirement, might be an Open Source social network platform called HumHub - great Free! powerful tool.

  • As someone who works full-time, and 100% remotely (currently at least), these are great ideas. I really like the opportunities posed by increased visibility both of what's happening across the network, plus the opportunity to build networking connections. I am limited in what I can do currently, but would like to contribute in a more flexible way. These prototypes would give the chance to do this without necessarily being geographically involved (which in Scotland can still involve significant travel, as well as limiting the scope of what we can do). Finally, if the RSA wants to broaden its generational appeal, we will need to work in ways that appeal to greater numbers of the Millennial and Gen Z population. A vibrant IT presence is crucial to this.

  • Very interesting clues as to what could come next. Speaking as a Continent-based FRSA, I feel that a Digital Fellowship is essential to allowing the RSA to be also active on the international level.

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