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Coaching Network


The RSA's Coaching Network mission is to turn coaching into a social contribution. It aims to engage Fellows in personal and social development by improving awareness and understanding of what coaching is; as well as increase access to cutting edge coaching methodologies across the RSA Fellowship and beyond. Specific goals include:

• Offering a resource for the RSA community to support Fellows and their projects including through pro bono coaching
• Increasing access to coaching for social impact
• Providing opportunities to learn about coaching and raise awareness of coaching across the Fellowship
• Creating a forum for coaches to refine their own coaching approach
• Running events that enable these goals

Few spaces exist where individual and collective aspirations truly align for human flourishing. The RSA is such a space. The Fellowship creates a dynamic and supportive network to harmonise and amplify the best of human capability and that has been my experience in setting up the Coaching Network.

Amina Aitsi-Selmi FRSA